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The Goods is a goods trading company and a research & development studio based in Hokkaido, Japan.  Our Vision is to deliver good Japanese products to all over the world. Meanwhile, we would like to create new values to everyday goods, so old good products will never be too old for nowadays. 

We can make everything by wood. And we mean it. 

We do not just own the machines, we also have the technologies, knowledges and sense of beauty to execute the whole process. From lifestyle to industrial, from small scale of orders to mass productions. We can handle your case! Let's talk about your project!





代表取締役 CEO

芝浦工業大学工学部卒業後、工作機械メーカーDMG森精機株式会社に入社。2013年に津別町にUターンし現在「株式会社山上木工」の専務取締役。2020年に4月には別会社「株式会社The Goods」を設立しもっと良いものを全国・世界へ届けていきたいという想いで事業を展開する。

After graduating from the Faculty of Engineering, Shibaura Institute of Technology, joined the machine tool manufacturer DMG Mori Seiki Co., Ltd. After making a U-turn to Tsubetsu Town in 2013, he is currently the managing director of "Yamagami Wood Works Co., Ltd."  In April 2020, we established The Goods Co., Ltd., to deliver amazing products to the world.


​オリバ Oliver



2014年香港に SVOLE スボレ 設立する。現在「SVOLE LIMITED」の専務取締役、プロダクトデザインと製品開発スタジオを展開。2018 年、日本家具ビジネスを展開し、日本の家具商品を香港へ輸出業を行う。香港と日本を繋ぐ企業を目指し、世界へ良質な日本製品を届けていきたいという想いで事業を展開する。

Product designer & developer.

2014, found "SVOLE LIMITED" in Hong Kong, providing product design and development service. Meanwhile, we provide "Made In Japan" products and sell it all over the world. 

In 2018, started working on Japanese furniture business, exporting Japanese furniture products to Hong Kong. In April 2020, we established The Goods Co., Ltd., to deliver amazing Japanese products to the world.




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