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We deliver the best made in Japan products to the world.







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想引入日本品牌產品然後在香港或者海外銷售,其實並不是想像中那麼困難,因為日本國內的生產商們其實都希望有更多的銷售點,只不過他們大多數都不會直接與海外的客戶溝通,而是透過貿易中介公司去商談,以便解決各種問題,例如報關、稅務、出入口管理、包裝以及運送的問題。而我們 The Goods 就是處理這樣問題的專家,我們擁有多年將日本家具賣到香港的經驗,而且我們的母公司正正是一間有70年歷史的家具製造工場,並擁有自己的 original brand。我們不但能夠為你接合你希望引入的品牌,尋求合作機會,並能為你以最相宜的價錢引入合適的產品。另外,如果希望製作自家的 Made In Japan 品牌,我們工場更能夠同時處理產品開發和生產的工作。不管是希望少量製作還是大量生產,我們都能夠一一應付,請放心把你的工作交給我們吧,立即展開日本發展的第一步!



We deliver the best made in Japan products to the world.

For those who want to import Japanese brands and sell them in Hong Kong or overseas, it is not as difficult as imagined, because manufacturers in Japan actually want more sales points, but most of them do not want to communicate directly with overseas customers. They only through intermediary trading companies to communicate, in order to solve various problems, such as details of manufacturing problem, taxation, import & export management, packaging and shipping issues. Meanwhile, our company, The Goods is an expert in dealing with such problems. We have many years of experience selling Japanese furniture to Hong Kong, and our parent company is a 70-year-old furniture manufacturer and has its own original furniture brand.  We can not only connect you to the brand you like, to earn cooperation opportunities, but also to introduce suitable products for you at the most affordable price. In addition, if you want to make your own Made In Japan products, our workshop can handle all the product development and production at the same time. Whether you might want to produce in small quantities or mass production, we can deal with them all. Let’s start the first step of Japan's business!